Caplugs has over 25 patents that have been issued for several of our part designs and molding techniques. Each patent issued is a result of the work of our design engineers and research and development team.

During the design process, our team of engineers work in the field with our customers to identify application challenges and needs. This research includes part performance, environmental conditions, user application/removal and more.

We are thankful to those that have participated in product testing and have provided feedback, as it allows for us to build and strengthen our product line. Our team routinely reevaluates our products, as part of our continuous improvement program along with our ongoing product offering expansion program.

Patent Number Patent Title Related Products
US9068682B2 Open ended industrial pipe cap for smaller diameter pipes CST, CLT, BUT
USD598748S1 Textured pull cap VFT
USD605935S1 Ergonomic end cap EVC
USD651709S1 Vented end cap for medical tube EVC
USD623049S1 Hole plug FBH
US7517485B2 Liquid vinyl injection molding method and apparatus Hi-Temp vinyl injection molding
US8733404B2 Threaded plug for hammer union and assembly thereof HU, FHU
USD726286S1 Plug for a hammer union HU, FHU
USD587762S1 Information tube Info Tube Assembly*
USD583871S1 End cap for information tube Info Tube End Cap*
US8051879B2 Open ended industrial pipe cap OE
USD615164S1 Open ended industrial pipe cap OE
USD617426S1 Open ended industrial pipe cap OE
USD576851S1 Gas valve wrench PVW
US8800603B2 Flange protector and masking device RFP
US9027603B2 Open ended industrial pipe cap with recessed finger grip CST, CLT, BUT
US7681587B2 Gas bottle valve stem protective sleeve SVS
US8141578B2 Gas bottle valve stem protective sleeve SVS
US8464749B2 Gas bottle valve body protective device SVS
USD599205S1 Textured pull cap Textured EZ
USD659808S1 Flange protector TLF
USD665887S1 Flange protector TLF
US8443844B2 Flange protector TLF
US8671991B2 Flange protector and lug TLF
USD585738S1 Textured pull cap VFT
USD592951S1 Textured pull cap VFT

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